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About Us?

Adcure is a medical center, established to offer socio-sanitary services of the best quality. We develop constantly and implement the latest technology (ADStem Delivery), based on the use of stem cells and regenerative therapies, that provide many unique benefits for our clients.

ADStem Delivery System is a unique method created by Adcure Clinic, that combines different treatments to meet the needs of each patient, which can include non-invasive surgery, extraction and transfer of stem cells, 4th-generation Platelet Rich Plasma, growth factors, vitamins, amino acids, nucleotides, and even oxygen therapy in the hyperbaric chamber.

We are located in the center of Madrid, on the Calle de Alonso Cano. We have a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team, made up of physicians, surgeons, biologists, and researchers with extensive experience in the health sector, having treated thousands of national as well as international patients

What do we believe?

We keep up with medical and technological innovations in order to offer the most effective, innovative treatments to our patients. We decided to establish a medical center focused on providing the most recent treatments and therapies in the field of regenerative and aesthetic medicine.

The five basic principles of customer service that our team strongly believes in are security, professionalism, quality, honesty, and respect. This means that each person will receive individualized treatment, with maximum dedication, according to their preferences, needs, opinions, etc.

Also, we believe in helping our employees achieve their full potential. That is why we support professional self-development and encourage our employees to always improve their knowledge and constantly work on developing and perfecting their skills.

Innovative techniques

We offer a unique and exclusive method of work that combines innovative techniques (ADStem Delivery), providing unbeatable results that could not be achieved with conventional methods.

The method based on stem cells is precisely what differentiates us from our competitors. This, together with a highly qualified medical team, modern equipment, private laboratory, and top-level facilities makes Adcure a reliable option. We also have a very well organized infrastructure to make your stay in our center as pleasant as it can be.

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