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The Bichat balls, clinically also called Oral Fat Bags, are Bichat bags stored in between of the masseter and buccinator muscles. Bichat balls surgery is performed to remove fatty deposits around the face, and it allows you to refine and rejuvenate the look of your face by achieving more angular and attractive appearance.

The Procedure

Bichat balls extraction is a simple and quick, non-invasive intervention. It’s recommended for patients who are between 16 and 40 years old. Facial surgeon specialist will evaluate a patient before the procedure by doing a facial study in which the surgeon will come up with the best surgical plan to help the patient achieve optimum facial rejuvenating results.

Here at Adcure, we perform removal of Bichat balls successfully, and patients can return home the same day to start the rehabilitation process. The procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

In experienced hands of our surgeons, the procedure is quick, painless, and straightforward.

Small incisions of approximately 1.5 cm on the inner side of both cheeks are made, and the Bichat bags are extracted using gentle pressure applied to the exterior of the face. The procedure is usually performed with local anesthesia and sedation, except in the cases where another procedure is undertaken simultaneously. It does not require Clinical admission.

The Recovery

After the procedure of Bichat bags removal, the patient may experience swelling on the face. The swelling will dissipate within 2 to 3 weeks. It usually takes 7 to 10 days for the tissue inside the mouth to heal after the Bichat bags removal. All stitches are absorbable, so no removal is needed.

The patient should maintain a semi-liquid diet in the first week after the surgery and should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as this interferes with the healing process. Also, maintaining oral hygiene after the treatment is very important.

The inflammation is minimal, and optimum results will be appreciated within a month.

The Results

The purpose of the surgery of Bichat balls is to reduce the volume of the bottom of the face, promoting thinner chin. The procedure results in a more sculpted and natural-looking facial appearance, without any visible scars. The patient can see the improvement of the cheek contour almost immediately after the procedure, and the results will only continue to improve in the days following the recovery.

Benefits include:

  • more defined cheeks
  • rejuvenated facial shape
  • more angular and attractive appearance
  • increased self-confidence

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