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Breast augmentation, clinically called augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to increase breast size. It is performed to increase the size, change the shape, and correct the texture of the breast, and usually involves the surgical placing of implants under the breast tissue or chest muscle.

Reasons for undergoing breast increasing procedure differ from patient to patient — for some women breast augmentation is a way to feel more confident, while for others it’s a part of a correctional procedures and rebuilding the breast after certain medical conditions.

Benefits of breast augmentation include:

  • improved confidence
  • corrected asymmetry of breast
  • enlarging of small breasts
  • removal of cancerous cells
  • corrected defects

It is very important for patients who are considering undergoing augmentation mammoplasty to fully understand the benefits, procedure, possible risks and involved complications, and follow-up care.

The Procedure

Here at Clinica Adcure, every breast augmentation procedure starts with a consultation and a thorough conversation with one of our doctors who specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery. At this stage, the surgeon intimates the patient with the relevant information about the entire surgical procedure, the risks involved, the course of operation, aftercare, and recovery.

Risks may include:

  • changes in sensation of nipple and breast
  • breast pain
  • rupture of implants
  • capsular contraction
  • scar tissue

Before the operation, the patient is advised to choose the type of implants carefully, depending on the patients preferred size and shape of the breasts. Implants differ in shapes, texture, and materials. You should carefully review all the written information given to you, including the information from the implant manufacturer.

In the hands of experienced surgeons here at Clinica Adcure, the procedure is straightforward.

Prior to proceeding to surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient. Once it takes effect the surgery can begin. The surgeon makes incisions under the crease of the breast (inframammary incision), along the armpit (transaxillary incision), and around the nipples (periareolar incision). After this, the implant is inserted through the incisions, and center it behind the nipple.

  • saline implants are placed empty and then injected with sterile salt water
  • silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel

When implants are placed, the incisions are stitched and bandaged with skin adhesive and surgical tape.

Recovery and Post – Op Care

After the operation, the patient is monitored for any surgical symptoms.

Soreness and swelling are likely to appear in the first 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery, and so are bruises. Scars will fade over time. While healing, wearing a compression bandage or sports bra is beneficial for supporting and positioning of implants. Recovering patients should restrain from any strenuous activities, and avoid any activity or situation that could raise their pulse or blood pressure.

If noted, any sign of warmth or redness in the breast should be immediately reported to the surgeon as it may be a sign of infection.

The Results

Breast augmentation changes the size and shape of your breast. Breast increase results in improved body image and self-confidence.

Here at Clinica Adcure, we perform the most innovative interventions using the latest technology to sculpt your body and touch up the details you always wanted to improve.

Feel free to schedule a consultation during which our highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons will evaluate the conditions, and listen to your desired surgery goals.

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