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Using an implant to rebuild the breast sometimes requires additional surgery. Change of prosthesis surgery is used to replace old breast implants with new ones. Goals and benefits of this procedure are a change and improvement in appearance, as well as renewing the implant material.

Benefits include:

  • reshaping the repositioning the implant on the chest
  • increasing or decreasing the breast size
  • reshaping the breast

There are a couple of common reasons why women who went through breast augmentation sometimes need a change of prosthesis.

Rupture or deflation

Although rare, implant rupture can happen. Usually, it’s just a matter of implants outer shilling weakening with time. On average, breast implants last from 10 to 20 years. Early rupture and leaking can occur as a consequence of over or underfilling the implant, damage by surgical instruments during surgery, physical trauma etc.

Capsular contraction

Sometimes scar tissue formed around the breast can harden and change position and shape, which can cause aesthetic problems and pain. Another procedure to replace the implants can relieve the patient’s issue.

Who is a good candidate?

Change of prosthesis operation is designed for patients who have had a breast augmentation surgery in the past and are now dissatisfied with their implants, or concerned about the condition of their implants.

The Procedure

Here at Adcure, every procedure begins with a consultation with one of our plastic surgeon specialist, during which the candidate is informed about the procedure, risks and implications involved, recovery process, and expected results.

Risks may include:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • bruising and swelling
  • fluid accumulation
  • pain

These and other risks will be disclosed to you in detail prior to your consent.

The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Depending on the condition of the patient and the type of procedure, the surgeon can make different incisions.

  • inframammary incision – in the fold under the breast
  • breast lift incision – vertical or wise pattern incision
  • peri-areolar incision – around the areola, and down to the breast crease

Again, depending on the type of the procedure, the surgeon will perform all the steps necessary, which usually involves taking out the implants, excess skin, and tissue, and replacing old implants with new ones.

  • saline implants are placed empty and then injected with sterile salt water
  • silicone implants are filled with silicone gel before placing

Then, incisions are stitched up and treated with skin adhesives, tapes or clips.

The Recovery

Following the change of prosthesis operation, gauze and bandages are applied. Swelling and bruising are a normal part of the recovery process. Sometimes, a small drainage tube can be placed under the patient’s armpits for removing excess fluid. Every patient gets specific individual instructions about behavior during the recovery.

The Results

Results of change of prosthesis operation are improved shape and size of the breasts, as well as improved self-image and enhanced self-confidence. Results are final after the healing period is over, which usually takes 6-8 weeks.

If you are considering undergoing breast implant revision, schedule a consultation with Adcure. Our qualified and highly skilled surgeons will review your condition and give you the best advice regarding your issue.

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