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Our eyebrows give balance and expression to our faces. Thin or very asymmetrical eyebrows can make a person look permanently surprised or even bad-tempered. At Adcure, we have the technology and the expertise to correct any imbalances and repair any damage that may have occurred to your eyebrows, leaving you with a more balanced, harmonious, and expressive appearance. We have had extensive experience in repairing and thickening eyebrows using a technique called micro-grafting.

What is Micro-grafting?

Hair Micro-grafting is the process of taking small sections of follicle containing skin from a donor site and re-attaching them to areas affected by hair loss or thinning.

Who is a candidate?

If you feel your eyebrows are too thin or that they are patchy, whether as a result of genetics or damage such as scarring, you could benefit from this procedure. Our team at Adcure will be happy to give you their expert assessment as to whether you would benefit from this procedure or not, and what results you could expect from it.

What does it involve?

Before the surgery, you will meet our expert team who will analyze the contours of your face, and design a pair of eyebrows that will complement and enhance your looks.

The surgery is usually conducted with local anesthetic as an outpatient procedure. Small patches of follicle-containing skin are taken from the donor site, this is usually the back of the head for men, and just above the ears for women, as the characteristics of the hair in that region are a good match for eyebrow hair.

The surgeon and his team will then prepare the grafts and transplant them one by one until they have achieved the desired, full, natural arc to your eyebrows.

This can be a very time-consuming surgery, even though the area being worked on is small, as the work is very precise and extremely detailed, so hair micrografting price will depend on the amount of repair and restoration that your eyebrows need.

Post – Op Care

Your forehead may be tender in the eyebrow region for a few days. You should avoid washing this area in the days directly following surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe, pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics as appropriate, and give you specific instructions on what to do to protect the area for the period immediately following the surgery.

Our eyebrows contribute enormously to the harmony and balance of our faces, and the impression we make on other people. Schedule an appointment now, with our experts at Adcure, and we will help you make the impression you want! Choose Adcure for your eyebrow transplant, today!

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