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Despite being the target of cheap jokes for decades, hair loss is no laughing matter. At Adcure, we understand the devastating psychological consequences it can have on sufferers. We are very proud of our track record in reversing hair loss for our patients, using the tried and tested technique FUE, or our innovative hair transplant FUE + Adstem.

What does it involve?

Whether you opt for the standalone FUE hair implant or FUE + Adstem, the first part of the treatment will be the same. A hair transplant is usually conducted as an outpatient procedure, using local anesthetic and possibly sedation.

The surgeon and his team will shave your scalp. They will then remove hair follicles one by one from the back of the scalp, using a dot punch. This may leave very small, dot-like scars on the back of your head, but these will be unnoticeable under your hair.

The area to be transplanted will then be cleaned and numbed. The surgeon and his team will transplant the grafts by making small holes or slits with a needle or scalpel, and carefully place the individual follicles in them.

This is all very time-consuming, and the procedure can last between four and eight hours, depending on the size of the area to be covered.

Post – Op Care

After the surgery, your scalp will probably feel very sore and tender, so you will most likely have to take pain medication for several days. Your surgeon will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics as well, to prevent swelling and infection of the site.

You will need to wear bandages for 2 to 5 days after surgery. When these come off, you can resume your normal activities.

Two to three weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. This is completely normal and does not mean the operation was unsuccessful. The hair dies off but the follicles remain and will start to produce new growth in a few months. Six months after the surgery, you will have a head full of thick, shiny hair.

FUE + Adstem treatment

Adstem treatment involves extracting stem cells (non-specialised cells with the capacity to become other types of cells), as well as collagen and oestrogen, which are essential for regenerating and repairing the skin, from the patient´s own adipose tissue (body fat), and delivering them into the area they are required (in this case, the scalp).

This will help speed up the recovery time after the operation and will also improve the quality and thickness of the new hair. This treatment is particularly recommended for patients who are suffering hair loss due to dermatological conditions, as it will help rejuvenate the skin, ensuring the follicles can take root and grow strong, healthy hair.

We are proud to say that the Adstem treatment is Adcure’s own process. This innovative stem cell treatment helps us go beyond the traditional hair transplant — it allows us to regenerate or create new hair.

Our team here at Adcure will be able to give you a professional and realistic assessment as to whether you will benefit from this procedure and describe the results you can expect. Schedule a consultation, today.

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