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For anyone who has more than just a few extra pounds, losing weight can be a very difficult journey. Often, conventional methods just don’t cut it and fail to produce any results. When you’ve done all you can on your own, but progress is just not there, it’s time to consider a medical solution. The gastric balloon is one of them.

The procedure

The Gastric balloon procedure is a weight loss treatment that is performed endoscopically by placing a soft silicone balloon inside the stomach and filling it up with sterile fluid. This is done to mimic the feeling of fullness, as the balloon takes a considerable amount of stomach space, consequently postponing the need to eat. This is why intragastric balloons are placed for either a 6- or 12-month period. Combining them with a healthy diet and a little bit of exercise will produce some amazing results and put you on the right path to a better life.

Who should consider the gastric balloon procedure as a weight loss option?

Patients who have a body mass index, also known as BMI, anywhere between 30 and 40 should seriously consider this procedure as their best weight loss option, especially if they’ve already depleted all other options. An intragastric balloon will assist them on their weight loss journey but will not be enough on its own. Substantial adjustments to the patient’s lifestyle and eating habits need to be put in place in order to achieve the best results.

Whenever somebody considers the health benefits of losing weight, they have to understand that the first and last step is made with the amount of food they ingest and the kind of food they eat. While the gastric balloon will help you lose weight, the best results will come only from a combined effort of healthier eating habits, a personalized workout plan, and the procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Fasting is required at least 12 hours before the procedure. Also, you shouldn’t drink any water a few hours prior to the procedure. We will evaluate your overall health and determine if you require general anesthesia or deep sedation. We will also go through a weight-loss plan with you that will include a special diet. The idea is to find a solution that suits you and your needs.

The recovery period and the results

This is a quick procedure that takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to one hour, and you can return to your home right after it’s done. Be advised that the cravings will not disappear for the first week or so, and that’s why it is very important that you pay special attention to the amount of food you ingest in that period. In the beginning, your diet will consist of liquefied food and water. After a couple of days, you can start with soft food and fruit juice-type drinks. In the next couple of months, you will notice that you are not as hungry as you used to be and that it takes a lesser amount of food to make you feel full.

This is just one of the several procedures we offer our patients here at Adcure. Make sure to contact us if you have any further questions or want us to go into detail about this or any other procedure.

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