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Buttocks surgery is a procedure that improves the size and aesthetic appeal of your behind. It’s a fairly simple process that involves placing a silicone implant under your skin, similar to breast augmentation procedures.

In case you’re contemplating whether or not you should undergo a procedure like this, take a moment and look at some of the basic conditions a candidate should fulfill. Viable candidates for buttocks increase include:

  • Individuals who have lost elasticity in the buttock area due to aging or sudden weight loss
  • Individuals who are committed to changing their bad habits and overall bad lifestyle
  • Individuals with realistic goals and expectations
  • Non-smokers

Even though these parameters are essential, the best way of knowing whether you’re a viable candidate is through a consultation with our experienced team here at Adcure.

Preparation Steps

Every surgery requires you to go through a thorough preparation procedure during which you have to discuss certain things with our doctors, such as why are you planning on doing the surgery in the first place. This part of the process may include some other questions about:

  • Your expectations and realistic understanding of the outcome
  • Your allergies, medical conditions, and medical treatments
  • Your use of various substances including tobacco, drugs, and medications
  • Understanding the potential risks involved as well as readiness to deal with unforeseeable complications

The Procedure

There are two potential procedures you are going to be faced with. The first is called fat grafting, and it consists of doctors removing fat from your abdomen flanks (or other parts of your body) and injecting it into your buttocks. Most experts advocate fat grafting over silicone implants because it has a low risk of infection and it follows your body contour in case you lose or gain weight.

Silicone implants are your second option, and this method is usually used when the patient is too skinny to be viable for fat grafting, or they specifically want silicone implants in lieu of their own fat. Our surgeons usually use the approach they are most comfortable with, so make sure to discuss all options before undergoing a procedure.

The Recovery

Patients are advised to sit as little as possible in the first 72 hours after the surgery. You are likely to experience moderate pain in the butt and lower-back area after the buttocks surgery, but that will be mitigated and controlled with medications. The patient should not consume alcohol for at least three weeks after the surgery.

After a few days, you’ll have to wear a supportive garment that helps prevent fluid build-up and provide support. It’s much easier to heal after an increase of buttocks with prostheses.

The Results

If everything goes as planned, you should see numerous significant improvements after a buttock lift procedure, including a more toned appearance and an overall better aesthetic appeal of your behind.

Request an appointment with us today, and we will make sure to make your life easier and much better!

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