Here at Adcure, we utilize both traditional and alternative procedures that help our patients achieve a lean and chiseled body. While conventional, tried-and-tested procedures like liposuction have shown to be the most reliable method for years, alternatives are usually far less aggressive, have shorter recovery periods, while delivering on par results.

Lipolaser is probably the most popular and effective alternative approach, and we are proud to say that our specialists are renowned for performing it with great success. It revolves around the utilization of a high power dual-wavelength laser that safely penetrates the skin in order to reach those most stubborn fat deposits. Areas like the neck, arms, thighs, abdomen, and legs can all greatly benefit from this type of procedure. Compared to a traditional liposuction procedure, the biggest advantage of the lipolaser is that there are small incisions, no scarring, and significantly less downtime for the patient.

Traditional liposuction is done by inserting a cannula through the skin, which is proven to be very effective, but also slightly painful. Additionally, the patient is left with visible scars that fade over time.

However, lipolaser operates by precisely targeting desired areas without compromising the rest of the patient’s body. Our state of the art machine uses a Dual-wavelength 980nm +1470nm laser, which has shown to be one of the most effective in stimulating the breaking of fat cells. This process is called lipolysis and once it starts, the fat cells start collapsing, allowing the patient’s body to naturally dissolve them through the lymphatic system.

Furthermore, lipolaser promotes the production of collagen which, in turn, tightens the skin and gives it a more youthful, healthy look. With a modern procedure like lipolaser, you can say goodbye to saggy skin.

Since this is a minimally-invasive procedure, only local anesthesia is required although sedation is recommended for patient comfort. There have been a number of clinical studies and trials that are a testimonial to the effectiveness of this procedure.

Who is eligible for a laser lipo procedure

One of the main reasons why traditional liposuction is still considered the go-to method for removing unwanted fat is because it is suitable for a large number of patients. Anyone suitable for normal liposuction is suitable for lipolaser treatment.

When it comes to selecting the right technique, the patient must consider the different benefits that conventional liposuction or liposuction with laser provides. Conventional liposuction has been shown to have a better effect on patients looking to lose around 10 kilos or more. And lipolaser has been shown to have better results in smaller liposuction with added benefits.

The results and what to expect

The results are better than conventional liposuction since the procedure avoids leaving irregularities on the skin, it generates a lifting effect or retraction of the skin, fat is removed, and the recovery process is much faster. It allows surgeons to perform small liposuction treatments on an outpatient basis quickly and safely, providing a comfortable experience for a patient undergoing the procedure.

In general, the treatment can last from one to four hours, depending on the areas to be treated. If you have any questions or you want to better understand the difference between lipolaser treatment and liposuction, you can consult with our doctors and ask for advice. Our team of specialists will gladly answer all your questions, and help you choose the best option for you and your body.

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