Whenever people want to get rid of excess fat on their body, and they are open-minded about taking a medical approach towards achieving such goals, the most recommended and widely used method is liposuction. However, there is another method that goes beyond the standard liposuction procedure and it is called Liposculpture.

Liposculpture is a method that combines all the benefits of liposuction; i.e., removing excess fat, with the use of that same body fat for reconstructive purposes. For instance, we can use excess fat from your thighs, legs, hips etc. to fix your facial lines, areas with lots of wrinkles, various deformities etc.

The  Procedure

The liposculpture procedure involves micro-fat grafting, where we use your own bodies unwanted fat to fill in other areas that require cosmetic work. This, in turn, makes it highly unlikely that your body will reject the injected fat, as it is your own.

The liposculpture begins with a medical evaluation and consultation with our doctors to determine the areas that will be operated on and select the best approach to performing the liposuction procedure. Once the unwanted fat is removed, it is collected and processed to only include the pure fat cells for the micro-fat grafting procedure. The fat is then injected in the desired areas to accomplish a more youthful appearance.

What to expect from procedure

The length of the liposculpture procedure highly depends on the amount of fat that is to be removed prior to moving on to the second phase of injecting that same fat. The fat grafting procedure only takes an hour or two, but generally, you can be in and out of our clinic on the same day.

The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and is pain-free. However, in some cases, general anesthesia might be administered if the patient requires it.

The recovery period

While the procedure itself will be over in a few hours, and you’ll be free to go home, the recovery period will last anywhere from one week to up to 5 weeks. This will mainly depend on the size of the liposuction procedure and the amount of removed fat deposits. Our specialists will create a personalized post-op recovery plan for you and prescribe the necessary medication in order to deal with any potential discomfort during the healing process. You will also be supplied with a pressure garment that is required to be worn for several days after the operation. The pressure garment is just an additional precaution that will provide your body with support and ensure the best possible outcome.

You will be able to resume all physically demanding activities after a period of 2 months. You can expect to notice some swelling in the operated areas, but don’t be alarmed, that is perfectly normal. The swelling should start subsiding within the first 5 days. It is important to note that the results of a liposculpture are not visible right away. You will have to be patient and wait at least 30 days until all the swelling is gone and everything settles into place. Once your body is given enough time, you will be able to enjoy your new natural figure.

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