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Here at Adcure, we are experts in using plasma gel in aesthetic facial treatments. Plasma gel filling is a form of an autologous method for medical rejuvenation. It replaces Hyaluronic acid fillers and is far more beneficial than treatments such as botulinum toxin. Plasma gel is a natural product, which body absorbs easily.

This is so far the most exciting treatment that we have introduced in our practice, and we are proud to say that the experiences of our patients so far are fantastic.

What is Plasmagel?

Plasmagel, also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), is a filler used as a method for wrinkle treatments. It is gained and utilized for wrinkle treating in a single session. The plasma gel for the face is made by processing the patients own blood, and it’s injected into the targeted areas to volumize, lift, and rejuvenate the face, neck or hands. It’s based on harnessing the patients own blood plasma healing attributes.

The platelets (thrombocytes) in our blood are proven to contain many proteins considered to be growth factors. These proteins enhance the healing of damaged skin, including damages caused by oxidation (aging), stress, and exposure to elements of the environment. After the injection, these proteins trigger a natural reaction of thrombocytes to repair and proliferate damaged skin cells, increasing skin volume which becomes firmer, radiant, and rejuvenated.

Research and results in application showed that PRP is more effective than Hyaluronic acid fillers. It absorbs faster and stimulates the body to produce more collagen.

The Treatment

During the treatment, doctors at Adcure will take a small amount of your blood, approximately 10 – 20 milliliters, centrifuge, filter, and process the blood to create the Platelet-Rich Serum, and then plasma gel (PRP). The product is a 100% natural gel.

In order to prepare plasma gel and obtain optimal results, sonication is used as a very effective method to lyse the cell membranes and release the most of platelets growth factors potential. In addition, treatment is bio-stimulative, as growth factor helps the body to naturally produce collagen.

Plasmagel is then injected into the treated area where the platelets stimulate cell growth. The therapy can be used on:

  • the face, around eyes, mouth and nose, and the jowls
  • lips
  • the back of your hands
  • the neck
  • scars, including surgical scars
  • stretch marks

Benefits of using plasma gel fillers are numerous and include:

  • minimally invasive procedure
  • reduced costs and price since it uses utilized autologous blood as filler
  • painless, no sedation is used
  • no known risk related
  • no known side effects

After the treatment, the treated area may be a bit swollen, and a mild reddening may occur. The patient can continue with its normal activities immediately after the plasma gel procedure.

The Results

The results are visible after the first treatment. For optimal results, a course of 3 sessions in the period of 4 weeks is recommended. After a couple of months, the plasma gel is completely absorbed into the treated area. Results last from 18 to 24 months after the last treatment.

Here at Adcure, our doctors are highly skilled and experienced in plasma gel aesthetical treatments. If you want to find out more about plasma gel treatments, schedule an appointment with us, and our caring medical staff will give you detailed information about the procedure.

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