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As many men consider undergoing a scrotal lift operation, they browse the internet in search of relevant info, only to be met with tons of misinformation. For that reason, we have decided to shed some light on the topic, and familiarize you with one of the many procedures we perform at our medical facilities.

While most patients opt for this procedure for purely cosmetic reasons, others suffer from certain medical conditions that can be alleviated by performing a scrotal lift or scrotal reduction surgery. The procedure removes the excess skin that stretches from the surface of the penis all the way to the bottom end of the scrotum.

The excess skin can be a nuisance only while having intercourse, as it can get in the way, but in some cases, it can even pose a problem on a daily basis by causing pain and discomfort.

Other reasons for removing this skin may include:

  • Accidents where the scrotal tissue has been stretched (usually during a bike drive)
  • Unrelated surgery that caused excessive stretching of the scrotum
  • Discomfort during bathroom breaks where the scrotum is touching the inner part of the toilet
  • Scrotum stretching due to age

The Procedure

The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the scale of the surgery, i.e. how much skin is being removed. The entire process might involve some or all of the listed procedures:

  • Removal of the skin
  • Tightening of the muscle
  • The Z-plastic
  • Moving of the muscles and placing of supporting grafts

In order to achieve the best results and form a plan for your individual case, we schedule a consultation beforehand and discuss everything in detail. Once we conclude a comprehensive analysis of your particular case, we can further establish the necessary steps needed to achieve a successful scrotum lift.

While the procedure itself is regarded as a quick one, we will set you up with an elaborate post-operative plan that will require some discipline on your part.

The recovery period

Once the operation has been performed you will be required to keep the area dry for the following week after the surgery as the sutures will dissolve within the first three weeks.

Stress caused by various muscle activity, such as exercise, sex or any similar activity, should be avoided for the initial 5-6 weeks after the surgery. During this period we recommend you stop by our clinic for a checkup, just to make sure your healing process is going as planned.

Any movement should be limited in order to speed up the recovery process. The length of the healing period will greatly depend on the scale of your initial procedure and your own discipline. If you experience any swelling after two weeks, we highly recommend you contact us so we can schedule a checkup.

Before undergoing this procedure it is important for you to know that you will be left with small scars, with a tendency to fade over time. That being said, our doctors are proficient in concealing the scars as much as possible.

Contact us today, and we will gladly answer all of your questions regarding this or any other procedure our specialist perform.

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