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A facelift, clinically known as Rhytidectomy (from Greek – rhytis “wrinkle” and ektome “excision, removal”), is a type of facial cosmetic surgery which is used to rejuvenate, revitalize, and regenerate the facial and upper neck region. There are multiple surgical procedures and techniques, and they usually involve removing of excess skin and tightening of underlying tissue, resulting in reducing of sagging and folding of the skin in the patient’s cheeks and jawline.

Temporary (or mini) facelift is a facial surgery that targets facial region from the lower eyelid to the first third of the neck, due to the fact that this facial region shows the first and most aggressive signs of aging that show in the form of loose inelastic skin, wrinkles, and relaxed facial muscles. Facelift surgery can help reverse the harmful effects of time and stress. Full face lifting surgery, on the other hand, deals also with the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, and the whole neck region.

The Procedure

Every procedure here at Clinica Adcur starts with a visit and a thorough conversation with one of our plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The doctor will evaluate your condition in regards with your expectations, and inform you about all the risks related to the procedure, and our caring medical staff will instruct you with medical directions related to the procedure.

The procedure itself is designed with the idea to leave the smallest scar possible and to lift the least amount of skin and underlying tissue possible, as it is vital to the natural look of the face after the surgery. Temporary facelift surgery involves elevating the skin and tightening underlying tissue and muscles.

A limited, minimally visible incision is made above, directly in front, and behind the patient’s ear, which does not extend all the way down the lower scalp line. The skin is lifted and the muscles which are usually slid down the facial bone are pulled towards the ear, and alongside them, a part of the fat tissue returns to its previous natural position. The excess skin is removed and, if needed, the upper part of the neck is also lifted.

The surgery usually takes two to three hours and is performed with local anesthesia, which numbs only a part of your body, but depending on the case, the general sedation is sometimes recommended.

In experienced hands of our surgeons here at the Adcure, the procedure is painless and straightforward, and so is the recovery process.

The Recovery

After the facial surgery, the patient may feel moderate pain and moderate swelling and bruises that dissipate gradually in the first week after the procedure. The patient should rest with the head elevated, apply cool packs to the face, and take medications as instructed. Although rare, the complications may include hematoma, bleeding and skin infections if incisions are not taken care of as instructed.

The Results

The results are visible almost immediately after the procedure. A week after the intervention, after the swelling and bruises are gone, the patient can see all the benefits of the undertaken surgery, and in the period of additional 1 to 3 months results are fully developed, and as such are permanent.

If you are thinking about undergoing temporary face lifting surgery, feel free to schedule a consultation during which our highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons will evaluate your condition, and listen to your desired surgery goals.

At Adcure, we care about your health and wellbeing.

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